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Albion Square/Kingston House

The Albion Square development will comprise high-quality retail, housing, leisure and enhanced parking facilities set around an enclosed courtyard.

It will include more than 250 residential units, 12,000 sq m retail space, 640 parking spaces.

Opposite the site at Bond Street former council offices are being extensively refurbished into high end apartments. Further residences are proposed on the site, mainly over premises that front Albion Street.




This site forms part of the wider regenerated Fruit Market which is fast becoming a modern and vibrant district featuring art galleries, restaurants, music venues and an emerging digital hub. The next phase of development will comprise 101 new homes at Blanket Row.

C4Di, to the south of Blackfriargate, now has a blend of office, restaurant and leisure uses alongside an outdoor entertainment space over a dry dock.

The Fruit Market is proving a magnet for both buyers and visitors to Hull’s waterfront and marina.




This site offers the opportunity for high-quality office space mixed in with residential units and leisure opportunities. To the immediate west of the site are recently completed high-end office premises, and restaurants and new apartments.



Humber Quays

The site is earmarked for housing development involving apartments and modern terraced properties.

The site is next to the Humber estuary at the entrance to working Albert Dock with high-end offices at Humber Quays to the east, and residential uses to the north.


Myton Street

Myton Street is located in a prime gateway location to the city centre. The striking £36 million Bonus Arena, a 3,500-capacity live performance and conferencing venue, was finished this year.

The planned Highways England’s £11.5 million cycle and pedestrian bridge over the A63 will better connect the site with the Hull Marina and the Fruit Market.

New footpaths and crossings from Carr Lane have improved pedestrian access.


East Bank

East Bank perhaps offers the most dramatic scope for change, where major new housing/apartments are proposed next to the River Hull.

800 homes could be created here, with major new public realm and a riverside promenade created. Linked to this would be leisure uses in the Trinity House Buoys shed and in some ground floor blocks to activate the spaces nearby.

The newly installed pedestrian Scale Lane Bridge connects the site in part to the Old Town to the west.


Dock Office Row

The site is at the heart of the historic maritime quarter of the city and within the ‘Old Harbour’. This was a main mooring point for boats. It also features three former dry docks. It is also on the northern edge of the Old Town, with most of the site within the former medieval walls sited along North Walls.

Work is being carried out to upgrade the flood defence along the river as part of the Flood Defence Granting Aid £36m programme.

Part of the site is set to become a prestigious location for the £30 million Yorkshire’s Maritime City project as a visitor centre destination with the accommodation of historic vessels and further housing and apartments.


High Street

The site is currently vacant but was once used for warehousing associated with the commercial use of the River Hull.

A residential block is envisaged for the site given the surrounding street pattern and the proximity of the A63 Myton Bridge.

The site forms a key entry point to the city’s Old Town.


The site is mainly vacant but it offers scope for significant residential development with waterfront views. This is becoming a residential area with apartments opposite and facing North Bridge, and further residential uses to the west of the site.

The site lies between the River Hull and Wincolmlee.


Colonial Street

This site offers scope for significant residential use that perhaps takes advantage of the block road layout.

The site, earmarked for residential opportunities, is next to St Stephen’s shopping centre.


Anlaby Road/Park Street

This site offers scope for further residential use at the edge of the city centre, close to the transport interchange.

Ice Arena

The Ice Arena is due to be relocated which will create housing opportunities on the edge of the city.

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