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20 March 2020 | Special Issue  

An update from Vice-Chancellor Professor Susan Lea

来自副校长Susan Lea教授的最新消息   


Dear student, These are unprecedented times; in my life-time I have never experienced anything like this. The most important thing from my perspective is that you know that we are doing all that we can to keep the University community safe while continuing the work of the University in a different, remote way. 


We have moved the University from being a predominantly face-to-face organisation to one that works in the digital space in just a few days. My colleagues are working round the clock to enable you to continue to achieve your learning outcomes and to progress. We are confident that we can achieve this. 


Today, I wanted to bring a few key things to your attention; further details on many of these issues  follows below my note. As I am sure you will be aware, the Government has set very clear guidance to stop non-essential contact with others, with further lockdown measures expected very soon.



· As we are only 2 weeks from the Easter break, we strongly recommend that you return home if you can do so, before any further travel restrictions are introduced.

· 由于我们距离复活节假期只有两周时间,我们强烈建议你在实施任何进一步的旅行限制之前,如果你能回家,那就回家吧。

· We know many of you will not be able to return home, particularly our international students. For those of you who need to remain on campus, I want to re-assure you that we will continue to support you, and plans are in place for your continued support.

· 我们知道你们中的许多人将无法回国,尤其是我们的国际学生。对于那些需要继续留在校园的同学,我想再次向你们保证,我们会继续支持你们,继续帮助你们的计划已经准备好了。

· On campus accommodation remains open and is supported by our security and maintenance team.

· 校园住宿保持开放,并由我们的安全和维护团队提供支持。

· Catering is available in Canham Turner and the SPAR shop remains open (further details below).

· 在Canham Turner可以提供餐饮,SPAR商店仍然开放(进一步的细节如下)。

· Student services are available to you via phone, raising an enquiry on online, via live chat and via video conference (further details below). Please do remember the importance of social distancing to avoid catching and spreading the virus (further details below). It is vitally important that you adhere to the guidance in order to protect your own health and that of the people around you.

· 学生服务可以通过电话、在线咨询、在线聊天和视频会议(更多细节如下)提供。请务必记住社交距离的重要性,以避免感染和传播病毒(进一步细节如下)。为了保护你自己和你周围的人的健康,坚持这些指导是至关重要的。

· Library resources will continue to be available to you on line. These include the resources you need to study, and academic skills and advice. From Monday 23 March we are introducing a click and collect scheme for physical materials for our final year students and PGRs, the details can be found here Please do not worry if you have items out presently; more information will follow in relation to physical resources. 

· 图书馆资源将继续为您提供在线。这些包括你需要学习的资源,学术技能和建议。从3月23日星期一开始,我们将为我们的最后一年的学生和PGRs推出一个点击和收集计划,详情可以在这里找到:。请不要担心,如果你有项目目前出来;更多关于物理资源的信息将随后发布。

We will be as flexible and adaptable as we can to enable each of you to progress in your studies; for example, we have put in place flexibility around your assessments and coursework. We are here to support you, as you transition to studying remotely for the next period. For additional help, please email your academic support tutor.


Please also access the FAQs which will continue to be updated on the website at If these do not cover your particular question, please contact our dedicated Action Line which is open Monday to Thursday 8.45am-5.30pm, and 8.45am- 4.30pm on a Friday on 01482 464020 or

请同时查阅常见问题,这些问题将继续在网站上更新。如果这些还不能回答你的问题,请联系我们的行动热线01482 464020,该热线在周一到周四的上午8点45分至下午5点30分,以及周五上午8点45分至下午4点30分开放,或。

I would like personally to thank you for your patience, understanding and adaptability at this time, and for the support that you give to each other.


With my best wishes, 







● 3/13:伦敦->迪拜->北京 

● 3/14:  伦敦->北京 

● 各别机场政策更新





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