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It takes all sorts of students to give a university its character.

The early birds rise when it’s barely light,
Sing in the shower all happy and bright.
The click of the kettle, the clunk of the toaster,
And everywhere they look, a motivational poster.
Then off they go, so eager and yearning
To make themselves better from a day full of learning.


Party animals love life but do so deplore
The morning after the night before,
With box set marathons 
Just one episode more 
And just opening your eyes can be such a chore,
But with grumbles and mumbles and wild, wavy hair
They get to their lecture with moments to spare.

In-between the two there’s all sorts of others,
Some live with their parents, some are fathers and mothers,
There’s the bearded, clean-shaven and five o’clock stubbles,
Harry Potter fans, both wizards and muggles, 
Cheerleaders, skaters, athletes and runners,
Daytime divas and nightclub stunners,
The hipsters with glasses they don’t really need,
The dandies in paisley and gentleman’s tweed,
And even when it’s sunny with lovely warm weather,
You’ll still find the goths in their head-to-toe leather.

When it comes to nightlife there’s dozens of movers,
From air guitar legends to old school groovers,
Fist pumpers, headbangers, shufflers and swingers,
Foot tappers, shelf stackers and out of tune singers,
Indie bopper and cheesy popper rubbing shoulders with raver,
And RnB lovers with real soul to their flavour.

Everyone fits in at uni; each one belongs.
You’re always a right; there are no wrongs.
The shy and the bold,
The young and the old,
The born for adventure,
The quiet corner bencher,
The avid timetabler,
The textbook labeller,
The snooze button hitter,
The I’ll-never-quitter,
Bikers, hikers, karaoke mikers,
Backpackers, paperbackers and dedicated life hackers.
The super chilled,
The action filled.

Whoever you are and whatever you do,
You’ll find your place at HUU.

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