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赫尔大学名誉校长新年致辞:分享喜悦 传递自豪


The Rt Hon. the Baroness  Bottomley of Nettlestone, DL






在最近,当我看到戏剧专业的校友们正参观着校园,并庆祝他们毕业40周年的时候,我顿时感慨万分。 同学们都在自己不同的职业领域中取得巨大的成功,同时我们也很开心的看到这一群又一群的校友正向母校回馈一些宝贵的经验来激发下一代毕业生。


让我借此机会向我们即将卸任的副校长卡利·皮斯托利斯教授致以最诚挚的敬意。 他无可挑剔利用自己的才华和勇敢领导着赫尔大学走向更美好的未来。我相信当他在回忆往昔之时,一定也会无比的自豪。


The Rt Hon. the Baroness

Bottomley of Nettlestone, DL



Each summer and winter, I am honoured to be involved in the University’s graduation ceremonies – to share in the joy and pride of those receiving their reward for years of endeavour.

For many, this is the beginning of the next stage of their lives: a stepping stone into their career or a springboard to achieving further academic success.

It was of great pleasure to me, and colleagues across the University, that Hull has risen to joint eighth in the country for graduate employability.

In an uncertain economic climate, it is reassuring to know that we as a university are doing everything that we can to prepare our graduates for work or further study – where they can use their skills and knowledge to hopefully grow a safer and more prosperous world.

And what a prestigious network those graduating from the University this year will join. I am always overwhelmed by the warmth of our alumni towards their alma mater and its region – wherever they hail from. Indeed, many make the journey to revisit the University, taking the opportunity to see how the campus is changing and to inspire future graduates.

One recent visit saw drama alumni celebrate the 40th anniversary of their graduation by returning to deliver masterclasses to current students. Reaching success in their own varied careers compelled this group of alumni to give something back and galvanise the next generation of graduates.

With the University’s key role in Hull’s year as UK City of Culture in 2017, our graduates have even more reason to return to visit us. The University will be helping to host a compelling arts programme, as well as providing a veritable army of volunteers to help make the year a resounding success.

Let me take this opportunity to pay a wholehearted tribute to our outgoing Vice-Chancellor, Professor Calie Pistorius. He has led the University impeccably and courageously; he should be extremely proud as he looks back on his tenure here at Hull.

I wish him and his family well, and I hope they too come back and visit us in the years to come.


The Rt Hon. the Baroness 

Bottomley of Nettlestone, DL 


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